Every business is unique and every client has different goals based on what stage their company is at.  We try to meet each company exactly where they are – which is why we offer a range of services to fit everyone’s needs.  The majority of our clients have existing websites and are looking to drive additional traffic to those sites via natural or paid search.  We can help with SEO (natural search improvement) and SEM (paid search), but often times we recommend some simple website changes before you start sending more traffic to your site.  If potential customers are “bouncing” off your site before they really get into the meat of it – then sending more traffic there isn’t really going to do any good.  Minor fixes on an existing website can solve quite a few problems and stop you from throwing away your marketing dollars on something that isn’t working.

Many of our clients come to us with an existing AdWords account that they have valiantly tried to set up and manage themselves.  After a few months of trying to set up campaigns and use the obvious keywords they can’t understand why money is flying out the door and the phone isn’t ringing or the sales aren’t coming in like they had hoped.  With account optimization we can use what you have started and make it work more effectively and efficiently.

PPC Account Set-Up
“Help me start!”

PPC Management
“Keep my traffic flowing!”
“Help me improve my site!”
“Give me the works!”
“Help me do it on my own!”

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  • SEO Improvement
  • PPC Mgmt
  • Analytics & Reporting

PPC AccountSet-Up
  • Facebook, Yahoo or Google
  • Initial Setup
  • Keyword Research

PPC Management
  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Optimization

  • Hands-on Training
  • Phone Support
  • Strategy

General Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Website Changes
  • Strategy & Follow Through
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