PPC Account Setup

Getting started is easy.

A simple phone call is all we need to determine the right platform for your business, the number of campaigns and ad groups that you would need and what types of ads would bring you the most traffic. Each company has different goals and needs – and there is really no “one size fits all” when it comes to an digital marketing campaigns.

After determining which marketing channels you want to try (Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Search and/or Facebook Advertising), we would then move on to determine the following:

Campaigns – What is the optimal structure for the account and your business goals. Do you sell a single product or service or are there multiple groupings that need attention.

Ad Groups – Targeting your campaigns into proper ad groups is extremely important and will help keep costs down and increase your overall return on investment.

Content Network – Depending on your type of business and advertising goals, you might be better off using display ads or Google partner sites to attract customers rather than the traditional search format.

Keywords – Choosing specific keywords within your budget is crucial to a successful campaign. Some campaigns might have hundreds of keywords while others may only require a handful.

Ads – Creating compelling ads is another important feature of any campaign. Each campaign needs a variety of ads to start with to allow for A/B testing where we can determine the best performing ad. Writing a good ad is a bit of an art and requires a good working knowledge of what works and how to keep within Google’s strict advertising parameters.


Our starting package for any one PPC Account set up is $600.  This is for a single channel (Adwords or Yahoo or Facebook), and includes one campaign with up to 3 adgroups.  If you are looking to set up multiple accounts with multiple campaigns in each, please call for a quote.

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