Monthly PPC Account Management

Most digital marketing accounts need at least some attention monthly and many of them require more than a little attention every month to stay on top of changing user patterns, new account features and keeping ads and information fresh.

So – what do we do for our monthly management clients?  Well, it depends on the size of the account, the number of campaigns, the monthly ad spend budget and a whole host of additional factors.  For example on a larger account we would develop a 4 week Action plan something like this:

Week 1:

  • Review all ads – check click through rates, conversion rates and overall effectiveness
  • Analysis of competitive ads vs. ads we have created – be sure our ads out shine the competition
  • Implement any new account features for testing
  • Quality Score analysis –make recommendations, take action as needed w/ landing pages, track changes

Week 2:

  • Start any new campaigns
  • Review keywords to check correct ad display
  • Keyword Analysis – productivity, search terms check, add new keywords, add negative keywords

Week 3:

  • Major campaign review – compare month over month statistics; analyze and create actions designed to improve performance, track all changes
  • Complete the actions from above review
  • Topics/Audience/Interest Groups analysis

Week 4:

  • Review any new Google programs implemented in Week 1
  • Mobile activity analysis
  • Compile a comprehensive client report based on above

So you can see there are quite a few things to stay on top of.  If you have spent any kind of time trying to find your way around a Google AdWords Account or a Facebook Manager Dashboard you know that there are literally thousands of variables to play with in order to get the best performance for your account.  It’s what we do all day – so we are very familiar with each bell and whistle and how they work.  Many of the features available won’t be necessary for your particular account – the trick is figuring out which ones are key and which ones are useless.


Monthly management fees vary greatly depending on the number of channels you are advertising on, the number of campaigns and the number of adgroups, as well as your adspend.  For the very basic account management a good starting point is $600 month, but this changes drastically with multiple accounts, Google Shopping campaigns, frequent client interaction, monthly reporting and many other factors. To determine a true monthly cost, please call for a quote.

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