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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge buzz word for internet based businesses.  When people talk about SEO – they are usually talking about trying to get on the first page of a Google search for a particular keyword or phrase that will help potential customers find their website.  If you think about it – this becomes harder and harder every day.  New business are entering the marketplace daily and older, more established businesses are starting to take “being found” much more seriously.

SEO – literally refers to optimizing your website so that it can be found on a search engine.  There are legitimate ways to do this and there are less than legitimate ways to do this.  Google also has an algorithm of more than 300 factors that they use to rank websites for every search performed.  Unfortunately, Google doesn’t share their exact algorithm (they also change it weekly).  But Google does have an established, Best Practices” format for SEO – and that is what we follow when trying to improve our client’s rankings.  We DO NOT use “link farms” – (mostly located in India or Pakistan) that establish hundreds of “links” to your website in an effort to improve its “popularity”.  While Google does admit that links from other sites are factored into a site’s natural rank, Google also places a value on the types of links coming in to a website. If your company isn’t based in India, or an exporter of Indian goods – Google simply discounts these links and will in many cases put a red flag on your site for using “black hat” SEO practices.

Google is trying to provide its users (those searching for something) with the most relevant results possible, so our goal is to make your website the most relevant site available for a particular keyword.  If we use that philosophy and follow Google’s best practices guidelines, we can slowly but surely move you up in the natural search rankings.  It isn’t a quick process, and it will require some work on your part, but it does work.

When you combine AdWords and SEO you have the most effective way of getting traffic to your site.  This is actually our most popular package.  AdWords can provide instant traffic (but you pay for each click), while continual work on SEO can bring your natural results higher and higher over time, eventually giving you FREE traffic for the same searches.

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